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About Us

Soundscape Media is a full service boutique music provider focusing on licensing of unique independent music from our extensive pre-cleared catalog for TV, Film and all types of media as well as custom music creation specifically tailored for your media project.

We are artists/musicians/composers ourselves with a passion for creative and interesting independent music. We stay away from stock music and focus on finding actual artists and bands that compliment and resonate with our unique and ecclectic styles. This is what gives us our stylizied authentic boutique sound, tastefully refined for like minded clients.

We have specialized tastes in various indie rock and indie electronic styles but do however offer all genres of music as long as it's good quality and stylistically appealing to our tastes.

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Our Services

Music Licensing - Use our Music Search Interface to find and license music.

Music Search Services - Have our qualified staff find and deliver a variety of music in the style(s) you are looking for at no extra charge.

Custom Music Services - High quality, original and authentic custom made music created on demand and specifically tailored for your project with your satisfaction guaranteed.

Music Supervision Services - One on one spotting with project producer/director, search and locate appropriate music internally and externally and deal with all publishing legalities with obtaining sync and master rights from outside publishers.